Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tutorial Eight: Assistive technology

Definition of assistive technology (referenced): "Assistive technology's are employed primarily to contribute to successful functional outcomes for persons with disabilities" (Cook & Hussey, 1995).

Own definitions: a whole range of devices that enable people with disabilities to overcome the problems that they are faces with everyday.

One piece of equipment introduced in the assistive technology tutorial:
Go Talk 20+:
Size- 230mm x 305mm x 286mm
Cost- $420
Functions-  The GoTalk 20+ is an ACC device which stands for augmentative and alternative communication. It is an excellent tool for augmentative communication and curriculum enrichment. It is powerful with 100 possible messages - 20 message keys each with five distinct levels. Record a total of 15 minutes of messages with great sound quality (Willison, 2009).
How the Go Talk 20+ increases occupational capacity for the user?
During the tutorial we used the Go Talk 20+ to give one of our peers instructions on how to make and cook pancakes. It provided a step by step guide on how to achieve a successful pancake.
This device gives its user visual cues by the pictures drawn on the touch pad. It increases occupational capacity by helping the user to communicate to others through using it giving them a voice to speak their mind and become more independent, lets others relay cues and messages to the user to enhance memory and reminders for everyday activities that the user may not remember to do without the reminder of the Go Talk 20+.

Example of the Go Talk 20+ being used from online sources:
this video is a demo of the Go Talk 20+ this link is of two videos on a professional opinion and another entailing the use of the Go Talk 20+

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