Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Semester 2 of Participation in Occupation 2: 1/6

Semester 2 has just started and a new paper Participation in Occupation 2 is now the new focus of this blog.
Over the next 2 months I will be posting about my personal experience of doing an activity. 
The activity I am focusing on is monopoly deal which comes under the category of games (play):
There are three classes of games:
Monopoly deal is a combination of all of these.

Games are an important aspect of my life; it’s a great way for social interaction and bonding. 
I have recently started a new job working with 2 young girls who have intellectual disabilities.
I have used games as a way of bonding and teaching them new skills such as money strategies using monopoly. They have also taught me games in return which helps them feel needed within the game process.
I also play games with family and friends it can be a good way to interact and socialize with one another.
In the past games have been used in my life to teach me new skills, meet new people, interact and most importantly have fun!

Key words to describe what games mean to me personally:

What games mean to me as an OT student:
Each time I learn a new skill from playing games I’m able to pass them on to clients. Every game has a purpose to it and can also be adapted to be used as interventions with clients.
As a student all the study and work can get a bit too much sometimes and games are a way of relaxing and refocusing. 
Remembering a certain piece of information could be made into a game to help remember.

Practical Considerations:
·         Cards
·         Will need someone else to play with
·         Will I have enough time to play with all the study

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