Monday, 17 October 2011

Affordance of Aesthetics and Spirituality: 5/6

Aesthetics  is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste, and with the creation and appreciation of beauty (Webster, 1996).
is a type of affordance that refers to the sense of beauty within an activity.
When playing Monopoly Deal I like to play in a comfortable environment where I am able to have enough room to sit and place my cards out without clutter. I like things to be neat so when I place my cards down I lay them out evenly and in a neat, straight pile. This is the complete opposite to my opponent as she spreads her cards out and does not keep hers in order like I do. This effects the look of the game which bothers me slightly. As long as I keep my area tidy I am not to bothered by others.
A good hand of card is also aesthetically pleasing and I find myself smiling when I see are card I having been hoping to get.
The most properties that I put down means the closer I am to winning the game, so it is aesthetically pleasing to see more property cards than less in front of me.

Spirituality:  is described by Brukhardt (1989) as a journey of lived experience, characterised by a greater sense of peace, meaning, purpose and connectedness.
Personally the meaning of spiritually is anything in my life that is meaningful to me and gives me a sense of worth and within myself.
When I think of playing monopoly deal I get excited! I cannot wait to pick Sammi* up from school so we can start playing together. It is meaningful for me to play this game as I feel relaxed and confident in my abilities. It has now become an important routine for Sammi* and I to play this together each time I work with her. This game connects us in a way that we both love to play it so it is something we have in common, breaking down the 6year age barrier.

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  1. Hi Hayley, its great to see the benefits of a game being able to be used to break down age barriers, and provide a way that you and *Sammi can connect through a game.